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Hi, there friend!

I began Blush Film Co. because of love.

My love for creating through film.

My incurable obsession with love stories. 

The best day of my life was the day my sister married her husband. It was emotional, blissful, and inexplicable. The only way we could relive those moments and soak back up every single detail was through her wedding video (that my aunt recorded on her camcorder!).

I fell in love with the idea of documenting the most special day in someone's life. And, I knew I could do it in an intentional way that immersed my couples back into all the feels. So, Blush Film Co. was born!


My professional career began after graduating with a marketing degree from the University of Minnesota. I was hired straight away and began living my corporate America "dream".

After three and a half years in a cube, gaining experience working in digital marketing, surrounded by creatives (but never allowed to operate as one), I realized I had to make a change. I felt unfulfilled and like I was working with no purpose. 

I applied to the Digital Media Design master's program at Harvard, and ended up getting in! My original goal was to become a web designer and front-end developer, however my cinematography electives changed everything.


The moment I completed my first film project, I knew I had found my purpose. Add on a few photography classes, and I had ignited complementary passions.

I graduated from Harvard in May of 2019, and over the course of my schooling have completed countless video, photography and editing projects ranging from non-profits, to matchmaking companies, to weddings.


I have been filming weddings for over four years (over 75 weddings now!) and I am so grateful to be living this dream!


What brings me joy

  1. My so-ugly-that-he's-actually-cute little rescue dog, Hoot (foster fail)

  2. A buttery, EPIC slow-motion shot

  3. Watching re-runs of The Office and Game of Thrones

  4. A comfy couch & nap time

  5. Finding the perfect song that "feels" like my couple for their film

  6. A french vanilla oatmilk crafted press from Caribou Coffee

  7. Vows (I cry EVERY time!)

  8. Animals of every kind

  9. Belly laughs and genuine connections

  10. Thunderstorms & rainy days

  11. Lighting candles & cozying up to relax

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